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Camera Dollies Track and Accessories

1-Camera Dollies, Track & Accessories

Fisher 10 Dolly Package$350.00icon_info_purple
Package Includes:
1-Set Skateboard Track Wheels
1-Standard Level Mount
1-Low Level Mount
1-6″ Camera Riser
1-12″ Camera Riser
1-12″ Camera Offset
1-24″ Camera Offset
1-Rotating Camera Offset
1-90 Degree Camera Angle Plate
2-Low side Boards
2-Standard Side Boards
2-Long Side Boards
1-Front Bridge Board
2-Front Boards
1-Standing Platform
2-Seats 1-Seat Riser
1-Seat Offset 45 Degree
1 Seat Offset 90 Degree
2-Push Posts
2-Lift Handle
1-Battery Rack
1-Power Cord
Fisher 11 Dolly Package$350.00icon_info_purple
1-Set Skateboard Track Wheels
1-Standard Level Mount
1-Low Level Mount
1-6″ Camera Riser
1-12″ Camera Riser
1-18″ Camera Offset
1-Rotating Camera Offset
2-Low side Boards
2-Standard Side Boards
2-Long Side Boards
2-Front Boards
2-Seats 1-Seat Riser
1 Seat Offset 90 Degree
2-Push Posts, 2-Lift Handle
1-Battery Rack
1-Power Cord
Cameleon Dolly$100.00Camera Icon
Cameleon Dolly Track Wheels$20.00Camera Icon
Doorway Dolly$45.00Camera Icon
Western Dolly$60.00Camera Icon
Sled Dolly$40.00Camera Icon
Bowl Adapter$10.00Camera Icon
6″ Camera Riser$12.50Camera Icon
12″ Camera Riser$15.00Camera Icon
Rotating Offset$30.00Camera Icon
12″ Camera Offset$10.00Camera Icon
18″ Camera Offset$10.00Camera Icon
24″ Camera Offset$15.00Camera Icon
Z Arm Low Mode$25.00Camera Icon
Seat Riser$7.50Camera Icon
Seat Offset 45 Degree$7.50Camera Icon
Seat Offset 90 Degree$7.50Camera Icon
Standard Skateboard Track Wheels$50.00Camera Icon
Fisher Precision Skateboard Track Wheels$100.00Camera Icon
2′ Straight Track$7.50Camera Icon
4′ Straight Track$12.00Camera Icon
8′ Straight Track$20.00Camera Icon
45 Degree Curved Track$20.00Camera Icon
90 Degree Curved Track$25.00Camera Icon
2′ Precision I Beam Track$7.50Camera Icon
5′ Precision I Beam Track$15.00Camera Icon
8′ Precision I Beam Track$25.00Camera Icon
1″x 12″x 16′ Dolly Board Set$20.00
Aluma Beam-10′ Pair$25.00Camera Icon
Aluma Beam-20′ Pair$35.00Camera Icon
Crate of Wedges$10.00
Crate of Blocks$7.50

JIB Arms and Sliders

2-Jib Arms & Sliders

Intel-A-Jib 3′ Extension$40.00icon_info_purple
Trovato Jib Arm$150.00icon_info_purple
25lb Lead Crane Weights$5.00
Barbell Crane Weights$5.00
Panther Ubangi Slider 4′ or 6′$200.00Camera Icon
Dana Dolly Kit$100.00icon_info_purple
Kit Includes: 2-Low Combo Dana Stands
2-Aluminum Track Rails, 4′, 6′ or 8′
3-Bowl Adapters, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm
Mounting Hardware
Cam Tram Slider Dolly$125.00icon_info_purple

Tripods and Heads

3-Tripods & Heads

Medium Gitzo Tripod$20.00icon_info_purple
Sachtler 100mm Carbon Fiber Tripod$25.00icon_info_purple
Sachtler Video 10-Tripod/Head$25.00icon_info_purple
Ronford Heavy Duty Mitchell Tripod-Tall$35.00icon_info_purple
Ronford Heavy Duty Mitchell Tripod-Short$30.00icon_info_purple
Mitchell Hi Hat$10.00Camera Icon
Ball Leveling Hi Hat-100mm$10.00Camera Icon
Ball Leveling Hi Hat-150mm$10.00Camera Icon
Tripod Spreader$10.00Camera Icon
Wheeled Tripod Spreader$20.00Camera Icon
EZ FX Remote Head$200.00icon_info_purple
Sachtler DV 12 Head$45.00icon_info_purple
Cartoni C-40 Head$75.00icon_info_purple
Weaver Steadman Head$100.00icon_info_purple
Foba Super Ball Head$20.00icon_info_purple
Bowl Adapter$10.00Camera Icon
Sachtler to Mitchell Adapter$10.00Camera Icon
90 Degree Adjustable Wedge Plate$10.00Camera Icon