At Citation Support, lighting is our specialty. Our lighting equipment is available in all varieties, tungsten, HMI, fluorescent, LEDs. We also have Chimera soft boxes, Jem Balls, ellipsoidals and pars, MR 16’s, CYC lights, follow spots, and all the other lighting essentials to make your production a shining success. And if you’re looking for Photography strobe check out our Profoto inventory here.

LED Lighting



Hudson Spider Redback Kit$250.00icon_info_purple
Hudson Spider Parabolix 55″$75.00icon_info_purple
Arri Orbiter Kit – includes 15*, 30*, and 60* Open Face Optics$300.00icon_info_purple
Arri Skypanel S360-C$750.00icon_info_purple
Arri Skypanel S120-C$315.00icon_info_purple
Arri Skypanel S60-C$250.00icon_info_purple
Arri Skypanel S30-C$175.00icon_info_purple
Chimera & Frame For S30-C$50.00icon_info_purple
Chimera & Frame For S60-C$60.00icon_info_purple
Chimera & Frame For S120-C$85.00icon_info_purple
Chimera POP Bank For S360-C$85.00icon_info_purple
Arri Skypanel Remote w/50′ Cable$40.00icon_info_purple
ASTERA  40.7″ TITAN  TUBE – 2 TUBE KIT$130.00icon_info_purple
ASTERA  40.7″  TITAN  TUBE – 4 TUBE KIT$260.00icon_info_purple
ASTERA  40.7″ TITAN  TUBE – 8 TUBE KIT$520.00icon_info_purple
ASTERA  22.7″ HELIOS TUBE – 2 TUBE KIT$100.00icon_info_purple
ASTERA  22.7″ HELIOS TUBE – 4 TUBE KIT$200.00icon_info_purple
ASTERA  22.7″ HELIOS TUBE – 8 TUBE KIT$400.00icon_info_purple
ASTERA AX5 PAR$45.00icon_info_purple
ASTERA AX5 PAR – 4 LIGHT KIT$170.00icon_info_purple
ASTERA AX5 PAR – 8 LIGHT KIT$300.00icon_info_purple
ASTERA NYX – 8 BULB KIT$80.00icon_info_purple
ASTERA NYX – SINGLE BULB$12.50icon_info_purple
HONEYCRATES 50* CONTROL GRID For TITAN TUBE$7.50icon_info_purple
50′ POWER/CHARGING CABLE EXTENTION$2.00icon_info_purple
SAMSUNG GALAXY TABLET With AsteraApp$10.00icon_info_purple
LiteMat Spectrum 4$175.00icon_info_purple
LiteMat+Plus 4$150.00icon_info_purple
Soft Grid for LiteMat 4/Spectrum$35.00icon_info_purple
LiteMat+Plus 2L$125.00icon_info_purple
Soft Grid for LiteMat 2L$30.00icon_info_purple
155 WH Battery for LiteMats$50.00icon_info_purple
Litemat Plus 25′ Head Extention Cable$20.00
Lightpanel 1X1 GEMINI$150.00icon_info_purple
Lightpanel Astra “3X” 1x1 Bi-Color$135.00icon_info_purple
Lightpanel  Astra  “6X” 1x1  Bi-Color$150.00icon_info_purple
155 WH Battery For Astra Lightpanel$50.00icon_info_purple
Soft Box For Astra$40.00icon_info_purple
Aputure 1200 D KIT$150.00icon_info_purple
Aputure 600 D KIT$125.00icon_info_purple
Aputure 300 D KIT$100.00icon_info_purple
Aputure MC-12 Light Kit$80.00icon_info_purple
Aputure F-10 Focusable Fresnel Lens$25.00icon_info_purple
4′ Quasar Q-LED Crossfade$35.00icon_info_purple
2′ Quasar Q-LED Crossfade$25.00icon_info_purple
Quasar/Florescent Single Tube Holders$4.00icon_info_purple
Q-LION 7″ TUBE$15.00icon_info_purple
Q-LION 12″ TUBE$20.00icon_info_purple
Q-LION  TUBE KIT (2-12″ + 2-7″)$50.00icon_info_purple
Aadyn Tech ECO Punch Plus$225.00icon_info_purple
Fiilex LED Three Light Kit$150.00icon_info_purple
Color Changing Chauvet Slimpar 64$15.00icon_info_purple
Snoot for Chauvet Slimpar 64$5.00icon_info_purple
Obey 3 Control Board for Slimpar 64$10.00icon_info_purple
High Output HO 155w V-Mount Battery$40.00icon_info_purple
V-Mount Battery Charger$7.50icon_info_purple


HMI Pars, Fresnels & Accessories

1-HMI Pars, Fresnels & Accessories

All HMI Pars include: Lens Set, Scrim Set, Barn Door, 1 Head Cable and Stand. Unless otherwise noted.
200W HMI Joker Par w/Small Soft Box$140.00icon_info_purple
400W HMI Joker Par w/ Small Soft Box$165.00icon_info_purple
575W HMI ARRI Par$165.00icon_info_purple
800W HMI Joker Par$190.00icon_info_purple
1200W HMI ARRI Par$215.00icon_info_purple
1800W HMI ARRI Par -(No Lenses Required)$275.00icon_info_purple
2500W HMI LTM Par$375.00Camera Icon
4000W HMI LTM Par *Crank Stand Additional*$475.00Camera Icon
4000W M40 HMI ARRI Par *Crank Stand Additional*$645.00icon_info_purple
6000W HMI LTM Par *Crank Stand Additional*$675.00icon_info_purple
12,000W HMI ARRI Par *Crank Stand Additional*$850.00icon_info_purple
All HMI Fresnels include: Scrim Set, Barn Door, 1 Head Cable and Stand. Unless otherwise noted
575W HMI ARRI Fresnel$150.00icon_info_purple
1200W HMI ARRI Fresnel$200.00icon_info_purple
6000W HMI Fresnel -Stand Additional$450.00Camera Icon
12,000W HMI Fresnel -Stand Additional$600.00icon_info_purple
18,000W HMI Fresnel -Stand Additional$850.00icon_info_purple
575W Head Extension Cable$20.00
1200W Head Extension Cable$20.00
1800W Head Extension Cable$20.00
2500W Head Extension Cable$25.00
4000W Head Extension Cable$25.00
6000W Head Extension Cable$30.00
12,000W Head Extension Cable$30.00
18,000W Head Extension Cable$30.00
Cinevator Stand$100.00icon_info_purple
BFL or Super Crank Stand$75.00icon_info_purple
Crank O Vator or Low Crank O Vator$50.00icon_info_purple
Bug a Beam Adapter 200/400 Joker$25.00icon_info_purple
Bug A Beam Adapter 800 Joker$75.00icon_info_purple
200W Joker 30V Inverter$30.00
30V Battery Belt$40.00

Tungsten, Fresnel, Open Face, Soft

2-Tungsten-Fresnels, Open Face & Soft

All Fresnels & Open Face units include: Scrim Set, Barn Door & Stand unless otherwise noted
100W Tiny Mole$25.00icon_info_purple
200W Mini Mole$27.50icon_info_purple
200W Midget Mole$27.50icon_info_purple
300W Betweenie Mole$30.00icon_info_purple
650W Tweenie Mole$30.00icon_info_purple
1000W Baby Baby Mole$40.00icon_info_purple
1000W Baby Mole$40.00icon_info_purple
2000W Baby Junior Mole$50.00icon_info_purple
2000W 8″ Junior Mole$50.00icon_info_purple
2000W 10″ Junior Mole$50.00icon_info_purple
5000W Baby Senior Mole$80.00icon_info_purple
5000W Senior Mole *Crank Stand additional*$80.00icon_info_purple
10,000W Baby Tener Mole *Crank Stand additional*$150.00icon_info_purple
10,000W Tener Mole *Crank Stand Additional*$150.00icon_info_purple
10,000W Big Eye Tener Mole *Crank Stand Additional*$175.00icon_info_purple
20,000W LTM *Crank Stand additional*$575.00icon_info_purple
600W Teenie Weenie Mole$30.00icon_info_purple
30V Teenie Weenie Sun Gun w/ Battery Belt$75.00icon_info_purple
1000W Mickey Mole$30.00icon_info_purple
2000W Mighty Mole$40.00icon_info_purple
500W Nook Light$25.00icon_info_purple
1000W Nook Light$25.00icon_info_purple
2000W Nook Light$35.00icon_info_purple
1000W Bare Bulb Molette$25.00icon_info_purple
2000W Bare Bulb Molette$30.00icon_info_purple
400W Mini Soft w/ Egg Crate$20.00icon_info_purple
750W Baby Soft w/ Egg Crate$25.00icon_info_purple
2000W Zip Soft w/ Egg Crate$35.00icon_info_purple
2000W Studio Soft$40.00icon_info_purple
4000W Baby Soft w/ Egg Crate$65.00icon_info_purple
4000W Studio Soft$65.00icon_info_purple
8000W Studio Soft *Crank Stand Additional*$100.00icon_info_purple
1000W Scoop$25.00icon_info_purple
5000W Sky Pan$75.00icon_info_purple
6000W Space Light w/ Silk Skirt, Blackout Skirt & Dot$95.00icon_info_purple
Ring Light-12 Bulb (Your Choice of Bulbs Additional)$75.00icon_info_purple
200W Midget Snoot$5.00Camera Icon
200W Mini Snoot$5.00Camera Icon
300W Betweenie Snoot$5.00Camera Icon
650W Tweenie Snoot$5.00Camera Icon
1000W Baby Snoot$5.00Camera Icon
1000W Baby Baby Snoot$5.00Camera Icon
2000W 8″ Jr Snoot$8.00Camera Icon
2000W Baby Jr Snoot$8.00Camera Icon
2000W Mighty Snoot$8.00Camera Icon
5000W Baby Sr Snoot$10.00Camera Icon


For Use With Profoto$150.00 icon_info_purple
For Use With 200w/400w Joker$150.00icon_info_purple
With 1K Tungsten Kit$200.00icon_info_purple
With 2K Tungsten Kit$210.00icon_info_purple
With 800w HMI$310.00icon_info_purple
With 1600w HMI$320.00icon_info_purple
PARA 133
For Use With Profoto$165.00icon_info_purple
For Use With 200w/400w Joker$165.00icon_info_purple
With 1K Tungsten Kit$210.00icon_info_purple
With 2K Tungsten Kit$220.00icon_info_purple
With 800w HMI$325.00icon_info_purple
With 1600w HMI$345.00icon_info_purple
PARA 177
For Use With Profoto$210.00 icon_info_purple
For Use With 200w/400w Joker$210.00 icon_info_purple
With 1K Tungsten Kit$255.00 icon_info_purple
With 2K Tungsten Kit$265.00 icon_info_purple
With 800w HMI$365.00 icon_info_purple
With 1600w HMI$385.00 icon_info_purple
PARA 222
For Use With Profoto$280.00icon_info_purple
For Use With 200w/400w Joker$280.00icon_info_purple
With 1K Tungsten Kit$295.00icon_info_purple
With 2K Tungsten Kit$300.00icon_info_purple
With 800w HMI$415.00icon_info_purple
With 1600w HMI$440.00icon_info_purple

Fluorescent  Lighting

All Kino Flo Fixtures Include: Choice of Tube, Egg Crate, 1 Head Cable *Additional Set of Tubes and Stand are Additional*
Kino Flo 2’x 1 Tube Fixture$30.00icon_info_purple
Kino Flo 2’x 2 Tube Fixture$50.00icon_info_purple
Kino Flo 2’x 4 Tube Fixture$80.00icon_info_purple
Kino Flo 4’x 1 Tube Fixture$30.00icon_info_purple
Kino Flo 4’x 2 Tube Fixture$50.00icon_info_purple
Kino Flo 4’x 4 Tube Fixture$80.00icon_info_purple
Kino Flo Flat Head 80 – 8 Tube Fixture$125.00icon_info_purple
Kino Flo Wall O Light – 10 Tube Fixture$150.00icon_info_purple
Kino Flo Diva 400$85.00icon_info_purple
Mole Biax 2$45.00icon_info_purple
Mole Biax 4$85.00icon_info_purple
Mole Biax 8$125.00icon_info_purple
Kino Flo Kamio Ring Light$125.00icon_info_purple
Mini Flo Kit$50.00icon_info_purple
Kino Flo 2′ – 3200 Tube$5.00icon_info_purple
Kino Flo 2′ – 5500 Tube$5.00icon_info_purple
Kino Flo 2′ – Super Blue Tube$5.00icon_info_purple
Optima 2′ – 3200 Tube$3.00
Optima 2′ – 5500 Tube$3.00
Cool White 2′ Tube$2.50
Kino Flo 4′ – 3200 Tube$5.00icon_info_purple
Kino Flo 4′ – 5500 Tube$5.00icon_info_purple
Kino Flo 4′ – Super Blue Tube$5.00icon_info_purple
Optima 4′ – 3200 Tube$3.00
Optima 4′ – 5500 Tube$3.00
Cool White 4′ Tube$2.50
Kino Diva/Mole Biax 3200 Tube$5.00icon_info_purple
Kino Diva/Mole Biax 5500 Tube$5.00icon_info_purple
Kino Flo Single Head Extension$5.00
Kino Flo Double Head Extension$6.00
Kino Flo 4 Tube Head Extension$5.00
Kino Flo Double Splitter$5.00
Kino Flo Quad Splitter$7.50

Light Kits

4-Lighting Kits

Mole Richardson 4 Light Combo Kit$125.00Camera Icon
Includes: 1 – 1000W Mickey Mole
1 – 650W Tweenie Mole
1 – 300W Betweenie Mole
1 – 200W Inbetweenie Mole
1 – Chimera Video Pro Soft Box
1 – Speed Ring for 1000W Mickey Mole
4 – Sets of Scrims
4 – Barn Doors
4 – Kit Stands
1 – Gel Pack, Misc. Colors & Diffusions
Arri 4 Light Combo Kit$125.00Camera Icon
Includes: 1 – Arrilite 1000W
2 – Arri 650W Fresnel
1 – Arri 300W Fresnel
1 – Chimera Video Pro Small Soft Box
1 – Speed Ring for Arrilite 1000W
4 – Sets of Scrims
4 – Barn Doors
4 – Kit Stands
1 – Gel Pack, Misc. Colors & Diffusions
Mole Richardson 600W Teenie Weenie 4 Light Kit$85.00icon_info_purple
Includes: 4 – 600W Teenie Weenie Mole
4 – Sets of Scrims
4 – Barn Doors
4 – Kit Stands
Dedo 4 x 100W Light Kit$175.00Camera Icon
Includes: 4 – 100W Dedo Heads
1 – Power Supply with Dimmer
4 – Barn Doors
4 – Lens Focal Spot Attachments
4 – Sets of Shudders
2 – Head Extension Cables
4 – Gel Frames
4 – Kit Stands
Lowel K-5 Medium Base Socket Kit$20.00
Bulbs Additional
GAM Stick Up 3 Light Kit$25.00icon_info_purple
Fiilex LED Three Light Kit$150.00Camera Icon
Includes: 3 – P360 Pro Plus Light Heads
3 – Barndoors
3 – AC/DC Power Adaptors
1 – Extra Small Softbox
1 – Speedring For Softbox
3 – Light Stands
1 – Rolling Travel Case

Chimera & Jem Balls

5-Chimera & Jem Ball

Chimera 20″ Lantern$45.00icon_info_purple
Chimera Video Pro Extra Small – 16W x 22H x 12D$35.00icon_info_purple
Chimera Video Pro Small – 24W x 32H x 18D$50.00icon_info_purple
Chimera Quartz Medium – 36W x 48H x 29D$60.00icon_info_purple
Chimera Daylight Small – 24W x 32H x 29D$50.00icon_info_purple
Chimera Daylight Medium – 36W x 48H x 40D$60.00icon_info_purple
Chimera Daylight Large – 54W x 72H x 48D$85.00icon_info_purple
Chimera Daylight Large-Senior – 54W x 72H x 50D$85.00icon_info_purple
Speed Ring – 5 1/8″ – 10″$15.00
Speed Ring – 12 3/4″ – 18″$20.00
Speed Ring – 21″ – 29″$30.00
Quad Mickey Mole Ring$20.00
40 Degree Fabric Grid – Small$25.00icon_info_purple
40 Degree Fabric Frid – Medium$35.00icon_info_purple
40 Degree Fabric Grid – Large$45.00icon_info_purple
Honeycomb Hard Grid 60 Degree- Small$30.00icon_info_purple
Honeycomb Hard Grid 60 Degree- Medium$50.00icon_info_purple
Jem Ball – 22″$90.00icon_info_purple
Jem Ball Joker HMI Adapter$12.50
Jem Ball – 30″$100.00icon_info_purple
Jem Ball Joker HMI Adapter$12.50

Ellipsoidals & Pars

6-Source 4, Ellipsoidals & Pars

Source 4 Ellipsoidals include: Choice of 1 Lens, Gel Frame, Pattern Holder, Stand or Hanger
575 or 750W Source 4 – 19, 26, 36 or 50 Degree$40.00icon_info_purple
575 or 750W Source 4 – 5, 10, 14 or 70 Degree$50.00icon_info_purple
Source 4 Lens Barrel Only – 19, 26, 36 or 50 Degree$15.00icon_info_purple
Source 4 Lens Barrel Only – 5, 10, 14 or 70 Degree$30.00icon_info_purple
Source 4 Iris$10.00
Source 4 Misc. Pattern Bag$25.00
Dedo 4 Light Kit$175.00icon_info_purple
Strand 2000W Alto Ellipsoidal$85.00Camera Icon
500W Par Can – M or W$20.00Camera Icon
1000W Par Can – VN, N, M or W$20.00Camera Icon
6x 1000W Par Bar – VN, N, M or W$85.00Camera Icon
1000W Mole Par$30.00icon_info_purple
9000W Maxi Brute$150.00icon_info_purple
500W or 1000W Par Bulb – VN, N, M or W$7.50
650W One Light Molefay$25.00icon_info_purple
1300W Two Light Molefay$35.00icon_info_purple
3900W Six Light Molefay$75.00icon_info_purple
5850W Nine Light Molefay$100.00icon_info_purple

MR 16’s, CYC Lights, Follow Spots

7-MR16 & Cyc Lights

2′ MR16 Strip Light-Single Circuit$40.00Camera Icon
5′ MR16 Strip Light-2 Circuit$60.00Camera Icon
8′ MR 16 Strip Light-4 Circuit$90.00Camera Icon
1000W Orion Single Cyc$25.00Camera Icon



Cable Cart$45.00Camera Icon
Sand Bag Cart$45.00Camera Icon
Hamper$10.00Camera Icon
Magliner w/ Shelf$40.00Camera Icon
Head Cart$60.00Camera Icon
Beach Cart$30.00Camera Icon
Rubbermaid Cart$20.00Camera Icon
C-Stand Cart$35.00Camera Icon
Grip Cart$60.00Camera Icon
4x4 Flag Cart$50.00Camera Icon
Hand Truck$5.00Camera Icon
Furniture Dolly$5.00Camera Icon