New Equipment

Check back here often as we will be featuring our new equipment acquisitions for your rental use.  We will also be posting in house produced You Tube clips on specific pieces of production gear that benefit from “one picture, or in this case, video, is worth a thousand words.”  Our thought is that if you see it in action here it will make that first time on location that much easier.  If there is a particular piece of production equipment that you feel we should zero in on just let us know and we will move it to the “A” list.

Profoto B1

The Broncolor FT system can work with Profoto heads, and 200w/400w HMI Jokers. It also works with a 1K or 2K Tungsten Kit or a 800w or 1600w HMI Kit to meet all your soft lighting needs.

Here is a great video on how to properly open our Broncolor Para 177 and 222.

A video on how to install and use the “F” rod on our Broncolor Paras.

1x1 ASTRA… We also have softbox avalible

The ARRI SKYPANEL S60-c, a very versatile, powerful, and energy efficient light. A must have on any shoot.

Here ia a great video on the proper way to open and use our Broncolor Para 88 and 133 units.

This is a very informative video on how to assemble and use the “FT” system on our Broncolor Paras